About us

Bespoke research and analytics solutions expert!

Established in 2015, Equinox Research constantly strives to deliver best-in-class, customized research solutions to clients globally. Our service has helped clients improve research content, save costs and meet deadlines. We have successfully delivered projects across various sectors and geographies, such as North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Why should you partner with us.

Our approach is based on the following three pillars:

Understand client requirements

We believe this is the most important part of the entire research process. We break the client requirements into comprehensible, measurable units, which are then translated into milestones for measuring progress.

Right execution

The next pillar, successful execution, thrives on using the most appropriate resources at disposal to meet client requirements. Equinox achieves this by deploying the most adept analysts for your requirement, using exhaustive data sources and regional knowledge during research execution.

Generate insights

Numbers and texts are simply meaningless data until it is thoroughly analyzed. We test our analysis results against known hypotheses and skim through the gamut to information to generate actionable insights for our clients.


Communication is paramount at all stage of the process lifecycle for us. It is not just a pillar but a foundation for us. Comprehending requirements, setting right expectations and presenting findings are at the core of all our research processes.

what people say about us

As the Great Recession hit us 8 years ago, my company found itself on the brink of plain and simple bankruptcy. It’s only thanks to this company’s sound strategic planning that we were able to make it!



As we’ve been looking to launch a brand new product, paralleling our current range, we were venturing into the unknown. But thanks to this company’s market research we’ve had it all figured out!